Community Impact

Pastor Eason serves on the Board of several organizations and colleges including:

  • The Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta
  • Morris Brown College Trustee Board
  • Trustee Board of Turner Theological Seminary & The Interdenominational Theological Center

He has contributed to several publications and productions.

Among some of his writings and published works are: 

  • “Looking at AIDS through the eyes of God” (A.M.E. Church Review, 1990); 
  • “Dreams and Nightmares” (A.M.E. Church Review, 1995); 
  • Evidence of Transformative Ministry (A.M.E. Church Review, 2012); 
  • “A Small Boy with a Big Fish” (an article in the African American Study Bible) 
  • Commentator for “This Far by Faith: African American Spiritual Journeys” – a joint production of Blackside, Inc. and the Faith Project – aired on PBS Television.

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